breath is key to a powerful vinyasa practice.

at speakeasy, we don’t just teach powerful vinyasa classes, we teach breath and flow. breath and flow is a style of vinyasa that gives an added emphasis on linking your breath and your movement together. throughout each practice you have at speakeasy, your guide will provide the tools you need to keep your breath as consistent as it can be to give you the most connected experience possible. after all, practicing asana is said to be a moving meditation! 

all classes are power yoga based and heated to 90-95 degrees using gentle, effective, radiant heat panels. 

what to bring:

we're so excited for you to join us! please bring a water bottle, sweat towel, and yoga mat. if you forget anything, we'll likely have something for you to use (except stretchy pants, we don't have extras of those). if you'd like to shower, please bring a shower towel as well! see you in class!

- simple -

beginners! this one is for you. if you're new to yoga and looking for the perfect place to start, simple is it. simple classes help you strengthen like strong classes do, but will spend more time covering foundational poses. here you will learn correct alignment, heavily emphasize the breath to movement connection, and still get a good sweat. lighthearted and fun, all levels welcome. perfect for the beginner, the wise, old guru, and everyone in between.

- strong - 

our strong classes are meant to do a few things, get you moving, make you breathe, and present a good, fun challenge. each class will have a heavy emphasis on connecting breath and movement, be intelligently sequenced, and offer everything from foundational poses, to inversions, to funky transitions between the two. anything goes here! some yoga experience is recommended.

- strong + stretch -

in a world of “go go go” we could all use some time to slow down and stretch it out… but why not have the best of both worlds? just like our strong class, this one will get you moving, breathing, and challenge you to go to your edge, but will also spend some extra time on the floor working more opening, releasing postures than what a regular strong class has time to offer! 

- long slow + deep -

this slower, meditative class incorporates restorative and yin yoga to help you to slow down, reconnect, and go inward. restorative does just what it sounds like, allowing you to fully restore in a restful state, while yin yoga targets your connective tissue with longer, deeper holds to help release tension and stress and increase your flexibility and joint mobility. so whether your practice is sweaty and powerful or you opt for a gentle set of postures, this class is the perfect compliment. space is limited for this class, preregistration is recommended. this class is not fully heated, but still warm. perfect for all levels of yoga experience, even if you have none!

- rest + restore -

you've come to know speakeasy as the hottest room in dayton, the sweatiest mats in the land, the vinyasa so powerful you could jump start a car with it... but what if we told you that you could also join us here for sessions of restorative yoga and aromatherapy meant to reset and rejuvenate so you could tackle tomorrow's handstands with more gusto? well that's what rest + restore is! here we break out the bolsters, sandbags, blankets, and straps, sometimes we even up the essential oils and include gentle assists. give your nervous system the royal treatment it so greatly needs! (classroom will be warm, not fully/actively heated.)

- community strong -

this is our community friendly and 100% FREE version of our strong class (see description above for class information). all the same fun, but no wallet needed.


every class has limited capacity, so we highly recommend preregistering for your classes, click here to sign up and do some yoga!

- private instruction -

not quite ready to jump into a group class, or have some postures you want to break down to better understand? there's a myriad of reasons why working one on one with an instructor is a great option, so don't hesitate to schedule one today! sessions can be individual or small group, 30-90 minutes. inquire for more information!


drop in - $15

drop in (student, military, fire fighter, police, + EMT) - $11

10 class pass - $110

10 class pass (student, military, fire fighter, police, + EMT) - $90 

month unlimited - $85 (3 month minimum commitment, 10% discount on workshops & speakeasy apparel)

annual - $900 ($75 per month)

new student special  - 30 days for $40

1-on-1 private training session - $60/60 minutes or 4 sessions for $200

private group and on site corporate sessions - please inquire for more info!

to receive student, military, fire fighter, police, + EMT discount, please purchase at speakeasy, for all other purchases, click here!