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if you’ve been on the path to better health, you may have noticed it isn’t a “one-size fits all” regimen. ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, shows us just that by tuning in to what each individual needs to find balance and thrive!

ayurveda is a system of health that aims to heal the whole person-body, mind, and soul. during this session with joane wire we will look further than food itself and explore how the seasons, elements, and even time of day can impact your health. we will reveal your personal constitution, or dosha, and help you examine your current state for imbalances and understand how to regain a state of equilibrium.

once you’ve gained this foundational knowledge, you’ll be ready for a gentle 3-day cleanse that will restore balance by drawing toxins from your tissue into the digestive tract where they can be eliminated. this spring reset can help with sleep, improve overall digestion, and have you feeling balanced and energized for the warmer months to come!

*workshop includes 3-day cleanse starter kit. cleanse is gluten free + vegan friendly. 

instructor: joane wire

cost: $35, $31.50 for auto-debit + annual members

Earlier Event: March 18
Later Event: March 24