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ready for your practice to become personal, effective and wise? then spend a weekend with alexandria crow where you'll look at the inner workings of yogic philosophy, the body, and the mind. the practice of yoga is an individual journey that is mostly taught in group format these days. in order to work in a group setting in a safe and effective way, students must look deeply at their body and mind as it relates to each and every class, all with the philosophy of yoga at the root.

we will begin by learning what a yoga practice is all about from a philosophical standpoint, why we're doing asana, and what it aims to teach us. then we'll take a look at the nervous system, the deeper layers of the physical body, and it's structure as a means to asses what's going on both physically and mentally, especially in relation to the fight or flight response most students experience these days and how that impacts the body.

students will then learn from the inside out about how their personal internal structure and range of motion relates to the postures most commonly offered in classes. they will learn their own unique range of motion, how to interpret physical sensation signals, and how their mind interacts the bodily sensations which ultimately can lead to skilled choices which when refined can lead to a productive practice with less injury. each person's skeleton, musculature, connective tissue, lifestyle and injuries cause a unique situation and once uncovered, will create a wiser approach to postures offered in classes.

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Earlier Event: November 4
Later Event: February 10