meet our team

at speakeasy, we strive to teach you yoga classes that are strong, safe, educational, and empowering. this is the crew that will do just that!

Anna Furderer


tuesday: gentle 4:15pm (wayne)

thursday: strong 12pm (3rd)

friday: simple 9am (3rd)

who are you? Anna. A mom, a yogi, a wife, & sassy friend.

astrological sign: Taurus

why yoga? Yoga teaches me balance and awareness, both on and off the mat.

teaching style: tough yet nurturing, Leaves you feeling empowered.

who/what inspires you? Anyone who struggles and rises to tell their story inspires me.

favorite yoga pose: Any balance pose is my favorite to teach and do.

Favorite moment you’ve had in a class: When people laugh with me in class…that’s my favorite.

Nonnegotiable: I can’t live without my morning meditation/devotions OR snuggles with my boys.

favorite jams to move to: You’ll often find me listening to War on Drugs, Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, The Avett Brothers…and anything else with a banjo.

Personal Mantra: Lighten up and let go.

Currently working on: slowing down my practice and being more mindful of the transitions.

might catch you: wandering around in the woods or spending time with my family (or the best is when I combine the two!)

Anna shearer


tuesday: strong 12pm + simple 7pm (3rd)

thursday: Strong 5:45pm (3rd) + rest + restore 7pm (wayne)

saturday: strong + stretch 9:30am (3rd)

who are you? A redhead with rosy cheeks that laughs at her own jokes and is a magnet for adoptable dogs.

astrological sign: Sun sign: Libra, Moon sign: Cancer, Rising sign: Libra

Why yoga? I discovered work I’m truly passionate that I’m not just doing, but work that is a lifestyle, a way of being — can’t beat that!

teaching style: From soft restorative to emboldened power vinyasa, my teaching style is methodical with twists and turns thrown in to keep things fresh. I love sequencing and enjoy the creativity of filling an open hour with limitless possibilities.

who/what inspires you? The practice inspires me and through the connectivity of practice all those that are out there doin’ the damn thang!

favorite pose: to teach - cat/cow and any of the warrior postures. to practice - currently handstand...I love being upside down.

favorite moment you’ve had in a class: when I have a big ol’ belly laugh while teaching...even better when someone else in class thinks the moment is just as laugh-worthy!

Nonnegotiable: A beverage - I’m rarely seen without a drinking vessel of some sort.

favorite jams to move to: Tracks that are upbeat and yet chill at the same time...think ODESZA.

Personal mantra: remain

Currently working on: know, that forever work...

might catch you: At one of our outstanding local coffee shops, taking a walk, studying, picking up a crystal that fell out of my bra...the list could go on :)

erica klang


wednesday: strong 5:45pm (3rd)

who are you? I am me! I am a student, teacher, caregiver, and listener.

astrological sign: taurus

Why yoga? Because too often we are not present in our bodies- yoga brings me back.

teaching style: Playful. Familiar. Trusting my students

who/what inspires you? The strength of this yoga community!

favorite pose: To teach, Airplane. To Practice, side angle

embarrassing moment you’ve had in a class:    Opening to warrior 2 to someone’s face because I messed up my lefts and rights

Nonnegotiable: Fuzzy.Blankets.

favorite jams to move to: The album “YOUNG” by Overcoats

Personal mantra: I am all mine

Currently working on: To feel powerful through all my transitions

might catch you: Walking my pup around South Park

erin foor


monday: strong 6am (3rd)

wednesday: strong 6am (3rd)

prenatal classes offered intermittently.

who are you? Mama, partner, sister, and daughter to a pretty incredible group I get to call family and a friend to all.

astrological sign: cancer

Why yoga? Short and sweet helps make sense of my body and mind and that familiarity brings me peace and grounding during my day to day.

teaching style: In my Strong classes, a powerful class that brings you up and back down so you can leave class feeling balanced, refreshed, and ready to tackle your day. In Prenatal a gentler class steered toward connection with baby and body.

who/what inspires you? People trying new things.

favorite pose: The one I personally love to hate and know I need...chair in all its variations.

embarrassing moment you’ve had in a class: I threw out a classic ‘outhale’ just last week.

Nonnegotiable: Family time – most of my family is out of state so making time to visit them as often as I can is a priority.

favorite jams to move to: Anything with a good beat that supports you when you need it but can get lost when all you need is your breath.

Personal mantra: gratitude

Currently working on: Discovering and exploring my postpartum body through my practice and giving myself time and space to rebuild and reintegrate in this new, but familiar, body.

might catch you: cuddling with my baby, Elli, and catching up on sleep when I can because tiny humans are a lot of work.

hope collins


tuesday: strong 6am (3rd)

wednesday: simple 5:30pm (wayne)

thursday: simple 5:30pm (wayne)

friday: strong 6am (3rd)

prenatal classes offered intermittently.

who are you? Still working on this. BRB

astrological sign: Peace

Why yoga? Because the challenge changes every day.

teaching style: Passionate. Empowering. Full of life.

who/what inspires you? People that keep trying even when it’s hard.

favorite pose: Supta Baddha Konasana (especially after a round of kick-your-ass backbends)

favorite or most embarrassing moment you’ve had in a class: favorite - nailing crow! Most embarrassing - tumbling over immediately after nailing crow.

Nonnegotiable: Helping babies, drinking coffee in the morning, and very hot showers.

favorite jams to move to: A mix of piano and deep beats.

Personal mantra: breathe in, let it all out

Currently working on: mixing it up.

might catch you: At Ghostlight drinking coffee and brainstorming ways to make babies great again.

krista stevic


Tuesday: long slow deep 7pm (wayne)

wednesday: gentle 10am (wayne) + simple 4:30pm (3rd)

friday: gentle 10am (wayne)

sunday: long slow deep 5:45pm (3rd)

who are you? big hearted, animal loving, giggling yogi.

astrological sign: taurus

Why yoga? helps me feel good, mentally and physically. helps me learn to be more in the moment, to pay attention to my body, to me.

teaching style: I teach what I know and base it off what I would want out of a class paired with the students in that moment. I push when it’s needed and cool off when it’s time.

who/what inspires you? My fellow teachers, but even more so, my students. As well as my personal practice.

favorite pose: To practice, Prasarita or wide legged child’s pose, To teach, Tadasana.

favorite moment you’ve had in a class: The first time I decided to keep my eyes closed as often as I could during a class. I felt like I was floating and really FELT each pose.

Nonnegotiable: Laughter & hugs

favorite jams to move to: J. Cole, Rae Sremmurd, old Kanye, most 80’s

Personal mantra: “You got this” and “Let it go”

Currently working on: going a little slower to feel each pose and make sure my alignment feels strong, to notice where I feel what I feel, and how I can use my breath.

might catch you: Walking my dog, at a vintage shop, or jamming out at a concert.

Lindsay vance


monday: simple 7pm (3rd)

thursday: strong 6am + simple 9am (3rd)

Saturday: strong 8am (3rd) + simple 10:30am (wayne)

sunday: simple 12pm (3rd)

who are you? Teacher. Student. wife. Dog mom. Foodie. Nature enthusiast. Space cadet.

astrological sign: gemini

Why yoga? I often tell people that Yoga found me. It came into my life at a time when I was in need of serious healing. It taught me how to give myself the love that I so desperately needed.

teaching style: Vinyasa! However, I enjoy breaking the rules of tradition in order to find a more sustainable option.

who/what inspires you? My fellow teachers. The entire team here at Speakeasy fills me up with so much inspiration every time I step into the studio.

favorite pose: Warrior two. Not only does it strengthen the entire body, it also makes you feel like a bad ass. It’s taught me focus and commitment.

favorite moment you’ve had in a class: I was in one of Tori Reynolds’s classes, around four years ago. It was when I had the epiphany that I wanted to teach. Not only wanted, but HAD to teach for a long, long time. I couldn’t NOT share this magic with other people after it had impacted my life so deeply.

Nonnegotiable: the experience of Traveling to Costa Rica by myself. It was scary and I came home with zero funds, but I came home with an overflowing heart and lifelong friendships.

favorite jams to move to: Odesza, Tycho, Petit Buiscut, Ford. Steady beats & minimal lyrics.

Personal mantra: be good to yourself

Currently working on: Recognizing that less is more. Strength lies in simplicity. And being okay with that.

might catch you: working at Old Scratch Pizza (another home away from home) or adventuring with my husband and fur baby

m'le leach


monday: simple 9am (3rd) + simple 5:30pm (Wayne)

Tuesday: strong 5:45pm (3rd)

wednesday: simple 9am + strong 12pm (3rd)

thursday: rest + restore 7pm (wayne)

sunday: strong + stretch 4pm + long slow deep 5:45pm (3rd)

who are you? M’Le (pronounced emlee. Not Emily. Thank you.)

astrological sign: taurus

Why yoga? It's the main form of consistency in my life. Even when my practice changes, I know I always have it to turn to.

teaching style: Challenging, engaging, balanced with a blend of spice and sweetness.

who/what inspires you? Rachel Brice. Tori Reynolds. The Long Game. Creativity. Vulnerability.

favorite pose: to practice- Down dog! to teach- restorative reclined bound angle with all the props.

most embarrassing moment you’ve had in a class: I don’t really have an answer for this one. I embarrass myself pretty regularly, to the point that I’m pretty sure it’s just part of my personality. Life wouldn’t be fun without a good dose of humor.

Nonnegotiable: Movement of any kind and any form of creativity.

favorite jams to move to: chill instrumental beats (whether electronic or funk or bossanova...etc). I also love everything Clozee and Rezz.

Personal mantra: I am adaptable. I am capable. I am limitless.

Currently working on: Observing my practice off of my mat.

might catch you: belly dancing, sewing, crocheting and cooking. I love putting simple pieces together and coming up with art.

natalia calzada


wednesday: strong + stretch 7pm (3rd)

Saturdays: simple 11:15am (3rd)

who are you? An adventurer with a curious mind and thoughtful heart; a sloth trapped in a human’s body.

astrological sign: Gemini-Cancer cusp

Why yoga? I love the magical moment when it’s just you, your body, and your breath all tuned in. Truly meditation in movement. 

teaching style: Lighthearted. Intentional. Descriptive.

who/what inspires you? Nature. Food. Travel. Love.

favorite pose: Hip openers and backbends. Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon) always brings a smile to my heart.

most embarrassing moment you’ve had in a class: Imagine a room full of students with their hips back and seats low… I accidentally said don’t over “twerk” your back (instead of don’t over-torque).

Nonnegotiable: Sleep. Coffee. Water.

favorite jams to move to: So hard to pick favorites… Radiohead. Miguel. Sigur Rós. Arcade Fire. Prince. Ben Howard. Mumford & Sons.

Personal mantra: Change your mind, change your life.

Currently working on: being more comfortable with the uncomfortable.

might catch you: Eating and drinking at all the fine downtown Dayton establishments! Spinning at Rinse Cycle. Doing outdoor activities with my beau. Manifesting my dreams to be a Registered Dietitian.

Sara ordway


monday: gentle 10am (wayne)

Thursday: Gentle 4:15pm (wayne) + simple 7pm (3rd)

sunday: long slow deep 5:45pm (3rd)

who are you? I am me.

astrological sign: libra

Why yoga? To find the stillness within

teaching style: Supportive. Empowering. Loving.

who/what inspires you? Life. Nature. My teachers.

favorite pose: Savasana

favorite moment in a class: Favorite moment is beginning a full class with rolling ohms. Gives me all the feels!

Nonnegotiable: My family, love and meditation.

favorite jams to move to: Funky beats, bluegrass and 80s music

Personal mantra: All of life is a practice.

Currently working on: Loving all parts of myself, especially the ones I think are unlovable.

might catch you: Going on adventures with my husband, son and pups!

Tori Reynolds - owner


monday: strong 12pm + 5:45pm (3rd)

tuesday: simple 9am (3rd) + strong 5:30pm (wayne)

friday: strong 12pm + 5:45pm (rotating) (3rd)

sunday: strong 10am (3rd)

who are you? a strong-willed human. loyal companion. hard-working teammate. loving partner. community caretaker.

astrological sign: libra (balance in action)

Why yoga? It’s the ultimate collaboration. mind and body. Breath and movement. It teaches us how to to be strong when we need to, but to soften where we can. Eliminates the rigidity and creates a state of flow. 

teaching style: no bullshit. challenging, empowering, and compassionate. when you’re on the mat, we’re having a conversation, and I assure you, i’m tuned-in to your responses.  

who/what inspires you? my family, my main squeeze, my TEAM. Really everyone has a story and valuable insight to share. We just have to be willing to ask, and more willing to listen. Inspiration is everywhere.

favorite pose: handstands and hamstring openers.. neither are easy for me, but both teach me a ton, and often times result in a feeling of freedom and strength.

Most embarrassing moment in a class: probably throwing out the old “downward facing dong” cue...

Nonnegotiable: quality time. With my practice, the people I love, doing things I’m passionate about… And also peanut butter. 

favorite jams to move to: indie ambient beats for yoga, driving, bass heavy emotional tunes for all else. if I’m in the kitchen I’m going to want to find a bossanova station. 

Personal mantra: let it land

Currently working on: standing in my power, being less distracted.

might catch you: walking bruce + Harvey, cup of local coffee in hand, or eating tacos at the corner kitchen bar.