empower your life through an empowering yoga practice.


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2 downtown locations:

wheelhouse loft apartments

(blue door)

204 wayne ave.

dayton, oh 45402

 cannery loft apartments - heated studio*

(red door)

510 e 3rd st 

dayton, oh 45402


*all regular classes with the exception of long slow + deep at e 3rd st location are heated to 90-95 degrees


if you're newer to yoga and looking to build a strong, sustainable practice, simple is the class for you. simple classes are vinyasa (or "flow" style) based practices designed to help you strengthen, present a fun challenge, and spend time covering foundational poses. here you'll learn correct alignment, heavily emphasize the breath to movement connection, and still get a good sweat. lighthearted and fun, all levels welcome. perfect for the beginner, the wise, old guru, and everyone in between.

strong + stretch

in a world of “go go go” we could all use some time to slow down and stretch it out… but why not have the best of both worlds? just like our strong class, this vinyasa class will get you moving, breathing, and challenge you to go to your edge, but will also spend some extra time on the floor working more opening, releasing postures than what a regular strong class has time to offer! previous, consistent vinyasa yoga experience is recommended.

rest + restore

what if we told you that you could join us here for sessions of restorative yoga meant to reset and rejuvenate so you could tackle tomorrow's handstands with more gusto? well that's what rest + restore is! in this all-levels practice suitable for beginners and advanced yogis, we break out the bolsters, sandbags, blankets, and straps, sometimes we even up the essential oils and include gentle assists. give your nervous system the royal treatment it so greatly needs!


perfect for mama’s at any point in their pregnancy journey, this 60-minute prenatal flow is geared towards preparing and strengthening the body and mind through breath and movement. the themed classes will nurture you and your baby and help cultivate an even deeper connection between the two of you! no previous yoga experience necessary – your teacher will lead you through it all. 


strong classes are meant to do a few things, build on your vinyasa yoga foundations, make you breathe, and present a good, fun challenge. previous, consistent vinyasa yoga experience is recommended as this class is not suitable for beginners. (if you don't have any, come to simple or a starter series!) each class will have a heavy emphasis on connecting breath and movement, intelligent sequencing, and offer a more dynamic, diverse practice than simple. 

long slow + deep

perfect for all levels of yoga experience. (even if you have none!) this slower class is based on yin yoga principles to help you slow down, reconnect, and go inward. yin yoga targets your connective tissue with longer, deeper holds to help release tension and stress and increase your flexibility and joint mobility. so whether your practice is powerful or you opt for a gentle set of postures, this class is the perfect compliment. this class will include lots of floor time and is not fully heated.


perfect for the yogi (any level) looking to keep it more low-key, gentle classes will do just that. not meant to make you sweaty or boost your heart rate like simple or strong, gentle classes are calm, accessible, and offer a space for you to truly tune into yourself and find your zen through movements that will bring ease to your body and tranquility to your mind!

community strong

led by recent speakeasy yoga teacher trainee graduates, this is our $5 flow version of our strong class (see description above for class information)! you can use your class pass/membership to attend, or purchase a $5 credit, each month the proceeds from all community classes goes towards a different local charity.

(class title) + still

in a world of consistent stimulation, when do we get a chance to really slow down? “still” will be just that. with an increased awareness of the benefits that meditation can offer, we want to give you the opportunity to experience them. join us for this addition to regular class titles. the first word will clue you in to the style of practice you’ll experience for the first 30-40 minutes of class (ex. “strong + still,” “simple + still”) before you settle in for a guided meditation. let yourself unwind here with a little extra mental decompression than your normal class.

every class has limited capacity, so we highly recommend preregistering for your classes, click here to sign up and do some yoga!

private instruction*

not quite ready to jump into a group class, have some postures you want to break down to better understand, or maybe just want to schedule the perfect outing with friends? there's a myriad of reasons why working one on one or with an instructor is a great option, so don't hesitate to schedule your session today!

sessions can be formatted for any of the following (and more):

  • individual

  • small group

  • corporate sessions

  • special events (think bridal and birthday parties!)

inquire tori@speakeasydayton.com for more information


*to respect of all speakeasy's teachers' time, all private session costs are non-refundable. if cancelled 24 hours before, session cost is fully transferrable to a later date. if cancelled within 24 hours the credit will be deducted. 

introductory offer

30 days for $40*

*purchase in studio, valid first visit only