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From The Inside Out - Applied Anatomy & Physiology For Yoga Practices

Spend a weekend learning about human anatomy and physiology in a way that can be immediately applied to a yoga asana practice and yoga classes to ensure that they are wise, sustainable, and accessibly to all.

Students will then learn from the inside out about how their personal internal structure and range of motion relates to the postures most commonly offered in classes. They will learn their own unique range of motion, how to interpret physical sensation signals, and how their mind interacts the bodily sensations which ultimately can lead to skilled choices and when refined can lead to a productive practice with less injury. 

The actualities of movement and mobility will be discussed as will the nervous system’s up and down regulated states. Techniques to teach poses and physical activities in yoga classes that are rooted in factual and anatomically sound information will be provided.


  • $260 for full Weekend

  • $60 per session

  • Speakeasy Annual and Auto-Debit members receive 20% off all costs.

(Each link for individual sessions will allow you to sign up for the full weekend!)

Earlier Event: January 26